Hello,Anyone having problems with Windows 10 asking for credential verification multiple times? I can get this multiple times a day. I also tried deleting all the credentials related to my account & it appeared to work temporarily & then went back to having credential problems again.. I believe it\’s something server side because I can verify & then sometimes immediately you are asked to verify again or few minutes/hours later it asks again. When I look at my account online, sometimes it will show multiple "Surface" computers with the same S/N or with no S/N (Now this doesn\’t always happen)I also notice with my email accounts (While using the native Win10 email app) it will state my account is out of date & it will no longer send/receive emails. This happens on 2 MS accounts & 1 gmail account. I have actually reinstalled Win10 & the problem has only gotten worse. Before it used to only happen maybe once every few days. When Win10 needs verification again, sometimes the store apps will won\’t open until you verify again. All regular desktop apps continue to work just fine during this process. Also, updates to Win10 & the store apps may stop updating if it\’s not verified once again. Microsoft doesn\’t seem to know how to fix it or aren\’t telling anyone that they are working on fixing it…Because when I\’ve posted the problem on their forums, other people state they have the same problem, but no Microsoft person can give a remedy that works. This makes me think of (I think for the first time) consider going to the dark side. Now, I\’m already very established in the Windows ecosystem & I don\’t really want to move on…I love my Surface & I\’ve been a looong time Microsoft supporter…but when I keep having these problems, it makes me want to go somewhere I at least don\’t have daily account verification problems. Windows 10 does truly feel like an unfinished product, like a Beta version, even though it\’s released as a finished product basically.

Yea, I used to be OK with it until it started happening multiple times a day…Now it\’s just become wearisome

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