We all agree the Windows 10 Desktop is great on larger tablets with screen size 10 inches or larger. Microsoft would not allow Windows 10 Mobile on devices with screens larger than 7 inches until recently when this was increased to 9 inches. The problem with Window 10 Desktop is that it could be an overkill for many people who just want a large tablet for browsing, watching video, looking at photos, play some games and simple computing. Full Window 10 tablet is also generally more expensive than Android tablet because 2Gb Ram and 64Gb Disk space are generally required, plus the cost of the full Windows licence and going forward, the more expensive x86 processors, compared to ARM processors, since Atoms line will be discontinued. So, we are left with only the Android route if we want a simpler large tablet, with the iOS route being limited and costly. There are many people used to Window 10 on a desktop and will be comfortable using Windows 10 Mobile. Do you think there will be demand for a high quality Windows 10 Mobile tablet with screen sizes of between 10-12 inches and long battery life for light use described above? If so, what do you think will be the ideal size, price and specs? I am interested in a good brand name, simple 12 inch tablet for media consumption but there is really nothing in the market. Have to either go full Windows 10 or haven forbid IPad Pro which cost a bomb.

I will go with full windows 10 tablet

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