Hi Windows Central friends! You might be surprised to find out all the helpful links about Cortana you will find by typing in the following."How do I use Cortana Windows Central" You will be amazed what you find if you type that into Google search. I guess WC doesn\’t have to go through the trouble of creating a search engine in the \’How to\’ section. Just let Google do it for them. This old country boy doesn\’t miss very much. When I did this, I found at least 5 pages on Google search about Cortana, and they were all from Windows Central. I\’m attaching a screen shot of just the first page. I remember I created a thread similar to this shortly after I first registered here on WC. The thread was deleted and I was scolded for the thread. I guess you can scold me again, but I find this very interesting and helpful.What are your thoughts? This is not my first help forum nor my first rodeo!

Hi This thread can be moved or deleted at the discretion of staff and I\’ll understand. I hang out in AaQ and Windows 10, so that\’s where I create my threads.I think this thread is helpful and is a big credit to what Google thinks of Windows Central forum. I suppose Google does the same for other help forums, but this old country boy was impressed with the number of links there were with Windows Central signature! PS they were good links with good information! I was impressed!

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