I have been using Windows Hello Face on my Surface Pro 6 for a couple months, but I am about to stop using it and go back to just entering a PIN. The experience with that feature has been rather mixed for me so far. I\’d say half of the time it works; the other half it\’s unable to recognize my face. Not sure why it\’s not working for me. Maybe it\’s different light conditions depending on when I am using the device. Or maybe it\’s because I keep holding the tablet in different positions at different angles which Hello is not accustomed to. In the end it\’s frustrating to wait for the tablet to recognize my face, only to have to enter my PIN in the end after all. So I probably just go back to PIN unless you guys have some glorious hack for me. What\’s your experience with Windows Hello Face? If it works well for you, how did you make it work?

My SP6 and now SP7 works every single time… unless wearing anything green. Honestly… crazy!

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